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Established in 2011 Shaoxing Cheng ao Textile CO Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in the research development and production of embroider We are located in Shaoxing with convenient transportation access If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order please feel free to contact us We look forward to working with every customer

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FabricBars Make One-piece DressThree Holes Design FabricEmbroidery Chiffon FabricApis Florea Design FabricLike Grapes Design FabricChemical Embroider FabricBig Flowers Design FabricDouble Hole Design FabricThree Waves Design FabricPolyester Embroider FabricChiffon Embroidered FabricMesh 3D Embroidered FabricEight Petals Design FabricWide Fringes Design FabricSpray Make One-piece DressEmbroider Fabric for DressWhite Leaves Design FabricSquare Prism Design FabricPink Petals on Orange ClothWhite Trident Design FabricEmbroidery Mesh Lace FabricShining in The Light FabricShiny Lint Embroider FabricFour Patterns Design FabricWhite Feather Design FabricJacquard Embroidered FabricWhite Crosses Design FabricEmbroider Fabric for JacketSequin Dress Wedding FabricThree Circles Design FabricPorous Make One-piece DressLaser Cut Embroidered FabricPolyester Embroidered FabricSunflower Design for T-shirtWhite Windmill Design FabricTwo Kinds of Love Make DressEmbroidered Lace Trim Fabric100% Cotton Embroider FabricSequin Mesh Embroider FabricEmbroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Pentagon Design FabricChemical Guipure Lace FabricRhombic Flower Design FabricGood Air Permeability FabricTrim White Embroidered FabricCrescent Petals Design FabricBlack Butterfly Design FabricLaser Embroidered Lace FabricTwo Kinds of Love for T-shirtTrims Cotton Embroider FabricShiny Laser Fabric for JacketEmbroider Fabric for HandbagsWhite Strawberry Design Fabric100%Polyester Embroider FabricEight Petal Wavy Design FabricSequin Embroidered Mesh FabricWhite Crystal Embroidered Lace100% Cotton Embroidered FabricLeaves and Birds Design FabricDigital Printing Design FabricEmbroidered Trim Cotton FabricYellow and Blue Flowers FabricSeven Holes Wave Design FabricSunflower Make One-piece DressLight of the Planet for SkirtsSix Color Leaves Design FabricWhite Owl Make One-piece Dress100% Cotton Fabric Small HolesSix Colors Cross Design FabricEmbroidered Dresses Mesh FabricSmall Petals 100% Cotton FabricWhite Love Flower Design Fabric100% Polyester Embroider FabricLint Embroider Fabric for DressFive Holes Flower Design FabricGreat Love Make One-piece DressSingle Hole Trims Design FabricSmall Holes White Cotton FabricRed Sequin Make One-piece DressGolden Petals Sequin for SkirtsSix Color Dots and Prisms DressGolden Petals Sequin Make DressLight of the Planet for T-shirtSix Color Hexagon Design FabricEight Petals Design for T-shirtCoconut Tree Design for T-shirtChemical Cotton Embroider FabricLarge Space Flower Design FabricGolden Petals Sequin for T-shirtApis Florea Make One-piece DressSquare Grid Sequin Design FabricLeaves Chemical Polyester FabricTrims Polyester Embroider FabricSmall Petals White Cotton FabricLace Trimming Embroidered FabricSmall Holes Make One-piece DressDouble-Sided Sequin Dress FabricPrinting Cotton Embroider FabricEmbroidered Chemical Lace FabricLaser Polyester Embroider FabricSequin Lint Make One-piece DressSpray Sequin Make One-piece DressPurple Skirt Make One-piece DressSquare Prism Make One-piece DressGold and Purple Sequin Make DressBlack Base Cloth and White BambooWhite Square Make One-piece DressGold and Purple Sequin for SkirtsBars Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSmall Petals Make One-piece DressPentagonal Starfish Design FabricWhite Bamboo Make One-piece DressLarge Porous Petals Design Fabric100% Polyester Embroidered FabricWhite Leaves Make One-piece DressSix Color Cotton Embroider FabricPineapple and Lemon Design FabricDark Tone Sequin Fabric for SkirtsPrinting Cotton Embroidered FabricBlack Leaves Mesh Embroider FabricChemicalpolyester Embroider FabricPurple Embroider Fabric for Jacket100% Cotton Fabric Multiple PetalsRed Cloth with White Flowers DressPinhole Trims Make One-piece DressWhite Flowers Make One-piece DressDots and Prisms 100% Cotton FabricThree Waves Accessories for SkirtsGold and Purple Sequin for T-shirtWheel and Dots Chiffon for T-shirtPorous Flower Branch Design FabricWhite Wheel and Dots Design FabricWhite Regular Petals Design FabricBranches and Flowers Design FabricYellow and Blue Flowers for SkirtsWhite Crosses Make One-piece DressFour Patterns Make One-piece DressAccessories for Skirts and T-shirtsWhite Branches Make One-piece DressSix Color Corner 100% Cotton FabricRegular Petals Make One-piece DressSix Color Leaves 100% Cotton FabricSmall White Particles Design FabricSix Colors Cross 100% Cotton FabricGold Blue Lattice Sequin Make DressGold Blue Lattice Sequin for SkirtsWhite Windmill Make One-piece DressWhite Coconut Tree Black Base ClothWheel and Dots Make One-piece DressWhite Tripetal Flower Design FabricRed Cloth White Flowers for T-shirtRhombic Flower Make One-piece DressThree Waves Accessories for T-shirtLeaves Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Pentagon Make One-piece DressTrident Design Make One-piece DressMultiple Petals White Cotton FabricLaser Embroider Fabric for HandbagsPolyester Embroidered Sequin FabricShiny Embroider Fabric for HandbagsRed Cloth with White Flowers DesignLeaves Chemical Make One-piece DressWhite Regular Prism Embroider FabricMultiple Strips Make One-piece DressPurple Embroider Fabric for HandbagsStrip Six Petal Flower Design FabricSpray Design Mesh Fabric for T-shirtSquare Grid Sequin Fabric for SkirtsWhite Prismatic Make One-piece DressMultiple Petals Make One-piece DressBlack Leaves Mesh Fabric for T-shirtPinhole Trims Accessories for SkirtsBlack Butterfly Make One-piece DressSix Color Sharp Corner Design FabricSix Color Hexagon 100% Cotton FabricMultiple Round Flowers Design FabricGold Blue Lattice Sequin for T-shirtCrescent Petals Make One-piece DressWhite Love Flower Fabric for T-shirtLight of Planet Make One-piece DressPurple Blue Flowers Sequin Make DressStrip Petals Sequin Fabric for SkirtsShiny Lint Embroider Fabric for DressWhite Strawberry Make One-piece DressMulticolor Checkers Sequin for SkirtsMulticolor Checkers Sequin Make DressBadminton Design Make One-piece DressDouble HoleTrims Make One-piece DressLeaves and Birds Make One-piece DressIrregular Design Make One-piece DressBlue Flowers Mesh Embroider for DressSunflower Design Make One-piece DressPurple Blue Flowers Sequin for SkirtsDark Tone Sequin Make One-piece DressSix Color Leaves Make One-piece DressSix Petal Flower Make One-piece DressMulticolor Checkers Sequin for T-shirtPolyester Embroider Fabric for T-shirtLaser Lint Embroider Fabric for JacketPink Petals Design Chiffon for T-shirtWhite Owl Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSunflower Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSingle Hole Trims Make One-piece DressBranches and Flower Fabric for T-shirtCotton Eco-Friendly Embroidered FabricEco-Friendly Cotton Embroidered FabricWhite Flowers Black Branches for DressPurple Lint Embroider Fabric for DressSmall White Particles Embroider FabricPurple Blue Flowers Sequin for T-shirtThree Holes Trims Make One-piece DressSix Color Hexagon Make One-piece DressWhite Love Flower Make One-piece DressSeven Holes Trims Make One-piece DressHollow Five Petal Flower Design FabricSpray Design Mesh Make One-piece DressLeaves and Birds Embroider for T-shirtStrip Petals Sequin Fabric for T-shirtDouble HoleTrims Accessories for SkirtsBig Flowers Embroider Fabric for SkirtsBig Flowers Sequin Make One-piece DressLarge Space Design Make One-piece DressGreat Love Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSequin Lint Embroider Fabric for SkirtsEight Petal Wavy Accessories for SkirtsCotton Chemical Mesh Embroidered FabricBlack Branches and Yellow Flowers DressWhite Bamboo Pattern Design for T-shirtWhite Branches Chiffon Embroider FabricPink Petals Design Make One-piece DressBlue Flowers Mesh Embroider for T-shirtSquare Grid Sequin Make One-piece DressRed Sequin Design Mesh Embroider FabricApis Florea Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSingle Hole Trims Accessories for SkirtsLarge Space Embroider Fabric for T-shirtFive Holes Flower Accessories for SkirtsPolyester Laser Velvet Embroidery FabricPineapple and Lemon Make One-piece DressThree Holes Trims Accessories for SkirtsEight Petal Wavy Accessories for T-shirtSeven Holes Trims Accessories for SkirtsCoconut Tree Design Make One-piece DressThree Flowers on Wide Side Design FabricWhite Flowers Black Branches for T-shirtHollow Five Petal Accessories for SkirtsPentagonal Starfish Make One-piece DressSquid Like Design Accessories for SkirtsEight Petals Design Make One-piece DressSequin Mesh Embroidered Fabric For DressRed Sequin Embroider Fabric for HandbagsSunflower Design for Upper Outer GarmentStrip Petals Sequin Make One-piece DressWhite Tripetal Flower Fabric for T-shirtBlack Leaves Design Make One-piece DressWhite Branches Chiffon Fabric for T-shirtWhite Square Embroider Fabric for T-shirtPorous and Digital Printing Design FabricSquid Like Design Accessories for T-shirtSoft and Breathable Mesh Embroider FabricSquare Prism Embroider Fabric for T-shirtFlowers Design Embroider Fabric for DressWhite Feather Design Make One-piece DressHollow Five Petal Accessories for T-shirtBlack Branches and Yellow Flowers T-shirtSpray Sequin Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Leaves Embroider Fabric for T-shirtFour Patterns Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Tripetal Flower Make One-piece DressSmall White Particles Make One-piece DressPorous Digital Printing 100% Cotton FabricCircle Digital Printing 100% Cotton FabricWhite Crosses Embroider Fabric for T-shirtIrregular Design Chemical Polyester FabricWhite Flowers Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWide Fringes Design Accessories for SkirtsWhite Feather Embroider Fabric for T-shirtLarge Porous Petals Accessories for SkirtsRhombic Flower Embroider Fabric for T-shirtSpray Shiny and Breathable Embroider FabricRegular Petals Embroider Fabric for T-shirtThree Flowers Design Accessories for SkirtsWide Fringes Design Accessories for T-shirtFive Holes FlowerTrims Make One-piece DressWhite Square Regular Prism Embroider FabricWhite Windmill Embroider Fabric for T-shirtPurple Polyester Embroider Fabric for SkirtLarge Porous Petals Accessories for T-shirtTrident Design Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Polyester Embroider Fabric for T-shirtCrescent Petals Embroider Fabric for T-shirtBlack Butterfly Embroider Fabric for T-shirtMultiple Strips Embroider Fabric for T-shirtPinhole Design Trims Cotton Embroider FabricThree Flowers Design Accessories for T-shirtCircle Digital Printing Make One-piece DressPorous Digital Printing Make One-piece DressPineapple Lemon Embroider Fabric for T-shirtMulticolored Flowers Mesh Embroider for DressBranchlets Digital Printing100% Cotton FabricMultiple Round Flowers Accessories for SkirtsIrregular Design Embroider Fabric for T-shirtWhite Strawberry Embroider Fabric for T-shirtMultiple Round Flowers Accessories for T-shirtPentagonal Starfish Mesh Embroider for T-shirtMulticolored Flowers Mesh Embroider for T-shirtMultiple Strips White Polyester Embroider FabricBranchlets Digital Printing Make One-piece Dress
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